I dropped a brand new (to me) Olympus Mju II on the pavement halfway through my first roll with it and lost most of the roll to light leaks. I hadn’t shot Delta 3200 in a long time and I always forget I hate to scan it, but I do like the hilarious grain even if it’s incorrect. 

We had to wait two hours to bowl this night so we took the Olive Garden buzzer they gave us to the bar next door and by the time they gave us a lane we were too drunk to do anything but trick shots.

Trick shots only!!

Feeling very pressured to “make the best of” what’s going on in the world right now and have some crazy project to show for this time, but all my best photos are of my friends having fun. The most ambitous thing I’ve done since March was listening to all of the Oasis singles in order on a drive with Colin. I’ve also listened to five of the Harry Potter books in the last two weeks so I’m just getting great at consuming media in general.

I recently gave the Oasis documentary from 2016 another watch and even though I remember being completely underwhelmed by it a year or two ago it really did the trick the second time. 


I don’t know how to start this blog post without sounding like an “in these trying times” brand email so here’s a playlist I made to go along with these new photos based on what’s been playing in my house lately.

Not 100% sure how this blog is going to work or how this format might evolve over time, but for now here are some photos of my inside and outside life from about early March until now.

Colin asked me what I thought happened underneath the top layer of this clearing and I said “probably sexual stuff”.

The record playing in this photo was “i’m not as good at it as you” by S.

Hunting for the “The Stand” by Stephen King in the public library a week or two before the pandemic was at the forefront of anyone’s mind.

What really makes this photo for me is the Kool & The Gang billboard.

Best part of my day.

This test was negative, but I found the whole scene pretty dramatic. Turns out my new ADHD meds just make me barf in the mornings.

That’s all I’ve got for now. See y’all in a little while. ︎