Happy 4/20 to those that celebrate ︎ Here’s some photos from a roll I just got back.

Julia bought a ‘91 Cadillac Coup DeVille and took me for a joy ride.

Photos taken one day apart in Julia’s and Natasha’s cars. (If you stole Natasha’s stereo fuck you)

Bummed this photo came out so blurry, but it was such a humid day I should have known. I showed up to the bus stop after work one day and found the sheet music for “Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It” by Neil Young scattered everywhere.

Love of my life.

The other loves of my life.

Until next time ︎

I have 20 prints from my archive available for purchase through my darkroom.tech page which will be cycled out and replaced in one week. I’m hoping to make 20 new images available every month as I scan through my archives and I’m super excited to be able to offer prints both of photos that I’ve always loved and photos that no one but me has ever seen.

If you’re in a bad mood today I recommend turning Bob Seger all the way up, it’s been working for me.